How to take medicine correctly and safely?

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How to take medicine correctly and safely?

It’s the right thing to use the right medicine for the disease you are ill. But the most important thing is  “taking the right medicine”  with the medicine that the doctor prescribed. There are medicines before meals, after meals, and there are prohibitions on taking certain types of medicines. And how to take medicine correctly According to โปรโมชั่น ufabet the label Today, Tonkit360 has an answer for you.

How to properly use the drug according to the label Pre-meal medication

when you see the word  “Pre-meal pills”  are on the label. Many people may understand that in a few minutes before getting up to eat Gradually pick up the medicine and eat. That is a misconception because of pre-meal pills. It’s actually a pill that you have to take about 30-60 minutes before and should be taken on an empty stomach.

after meals

after eating You don’t have to rush to pick up the medicine packet and open it. Sit and have the rice grains sorted for about 15-30 minutes, then get up to take medicine after meals. As prescribed by your doctor

Medication with food

If the label says “Meal with food”  means that after you have eaten the first bite. should take the medicine immediately Alternatively, you can take the pill after half of the meal.


When sick, many people stagger to the doctor. After taking the medicine to alleviate the symptoms, I felt that my sickness had disappeared. You don’t need to take medicine any more. That’s wrong. Because antiseptics such as antibiotics are classified as drugs that the patient must take completely according to the doctor’s prescription. to prevent drug resistance of pathogens because if there is drug resistance will result in the next time Can no longer use the same type of drug, the same size for treatment.

bedtime medicine

For the medicine before going to bed If you know About to turn off the TV, turn off the lights and go to sleep, should get up to take medicine 15-30 minutes before going to bed.

Medication to be taken once a week

If the doctor or pharmacist does not specify the exact date Let you choose for yourself that When do you want to take the medicine? For example, start taking the medicine on Wednesday. Then ask to take that pill every Wednesday, etc.

symptomatic medication 

such as paracetamol Used for relieving fever and headaches. Most are prescribed to adults if there is pain. Take 2 pills at a time, every 4-6 hours, so if after taking the pills, about 2-3 hours later, the pain still persists. Still should not take more medicine. Overdose poisoning can occur.

If you forget to take your medication

I believe that many people have forgotten to take medicine. As soon as he remembered, he hurriedly got up to take the medicine immediately. But if the moment you forget It’s almost time for the next meal. I asked to skip the forgotten meal. Don’t think about taking medicine backwards. By doubling the amount of medicine at the next meal is decisive.

What types of drugs That should not be taken together with fat-reducing drugs, heart drugs or bronchodilators.

For all 3 types of drugs, it is a type of antibiotic. If taken together, they will interact and may cause more harm than good, for example, resulting in increased blood levels of these drugs.