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Burning energy and fat while running

You’re most likely to burn fat when you run slowly at a steady pace. You can always add elements such as intervals or hills to boost fat burning, but keeping it slow during most of your runs will help you burn fat over time and

9 Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is a nutritious food rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, and beta-carotene. It also contains nutrients that can support eye health, weight management, heart health, and more. Loaded with important micronutrients and antioxidants, kale is one of the most nutritious leafy greens available.

Vitamins to help nourish hair to grow faster

Vitamins do many amazing things for hair: They can aid in cell growth, prevent free radicals from damaging it, keep it from graying prematurely and nourish the follicles that stimulate growth. Everyone wants to have thick, shiny hair. Therefore, many people have tried regular treatments

What Is the Vaccines Schedule for Adults?

Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Grown-ups need them to protect against diseases that become more common in adulthood. They can also protect you if you missed a dose as a child. Although adults have stronger immunity than children. But for some diseases. Even though we were vaccinated.

Paracetamol, a potentially serious drug

Paracetamol, a potentially serious drug Get to know Paracetamol Paracetamol is a mild to moderate pain reliever. It is sometimes used to reduce fever in children and adults. It works by blocking certain chemicals in the brain that are involved in pain, such as prostaglandins. (prostaglandin) and will

How many eggs should a child of each age eat appropriate?

How many eggs should a child of each age eat appropriate? chicken eggs nutritional value for children Dr. Sathit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, revealed. That eggs are a source of high-quality protein. Easily available and suitable for all genders and ages, as well child as

How to take medicine correctly and safely?

How to take medicine correctly and safely? It’s the right thing to use the right medicine for the disease you are ill. But the most important thing is  “taking the right medicine”  with the medicine that the doctor prescribed. There are medicines before meals, after meals, and there are