Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman defies questions about his future

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Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman defies questions about his future After the last game. They only managed to beat Cadiz 0-0.

Azulgrana held a goalless draw with Cadiz in La Liga on Thursday night, leaving Barcelona without a win in their last three games in all competitions. Now collecting 9 points from 5 games in La Liga 

After the game, the Spanish press did not miss out on asking about the Dutchman’s future, which once again became a hot topic because Barca’s performance is repeating poorly in the league for two consecutive games and behind leaders Real Madrid. 7 points even if less than one match

“You have to analyze what the team can do. their attitude their dedication,” Koeman said.

“I don’t want to come and analyze my situation. The president (Joan Laporta) went to the hotel and we greeted each other. Maybe we’ll have a few more days to talk if he wants to do so.”

Koeman received a red card late in the last game. “In this country they kicked you off the pitch with nothing going on.”

“I told the fourth referee that there were two balls on the pitch. After that, they kicked me off the pitch for nothing.”