Manchester City reveals a model of a new stylish stadium.

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Manchester City Club announce plans to increase the capacity of the home football stadium. Improvements to public utilities in the area have submit for approval by Manchester City Council it’s done. The next step is to wait for the local government to protest the problem to improve the green light.

City plan to expand the capacity of the Etihad Stadium from around 53,400 to 60,000. 

Between February 28 and March 26, fans and local residents were invite. Who may be affect by the construction. Came to express their opinions, report problems and concerns that may arise in this project to the club. Including having the opportunity to try to see the simulation until reaching all dimensions UFABET 

According to the plan, the north amphitheater was to be enlarge. By adding a row of seats above the lower exit. 

In addition, the team ‘The Blues’ will build a new gathering spot that can accommodate 3,000 fans at the same time. Complete with an international food court, beverage stand, new club shop, a museum and a 400-bed hotel. 

Events such as concerts, live performances and conferences are ready to be brought to this new kingdom. To continue to generate income for the club.

Currently four Premier League clubs. England with the largest home stadium capacity are Manchester United. ( Old Trafford ) with a capacity of 74,310 seats. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with 62,850 seats. West Ham ‘s London Stadium with 62,500 seats. And Arsenal ‘s Emirates Stadium with 60,704 seats .

“Development and installation of the handrail seating system at the Etihad Stadium. will not only improve the safety of football fans But it also ensures that we are following the new laws. That is about the safety of football fans and season ticket holders.