Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has revealed about his position

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Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has revealed that he prefers to play in a more dominant position in front of the target rather than standing on the right-hand side like today. Well, if on any day, Team Manager, Josep Guardiola, will be very grateful.

Jesus has made six appearances in all competitions this season, scoring two goals. He providing three assists from a javelin position and mostly attacking on the right. The Brazilian players understand that Boss Guardiola wants to find a perfect fit that benefits the team. 

Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has revealed about his position

Personally, there is no problem playing anywhere. Because he started making his name from the left wing. But if I can choose, I like the target spear the most. 

“At the beginning of my career at Palmeras, I stood on the left forward. Even when playing for the state championship, the national team, the youth team to the Olympics I’m getting more and more thrust on the spear, I stand taller,” opening the mouth to ‘ESPN Brazil’

“Then when I returned to play for the club, he was a backup spear after Osvaldo de Oliveira, Couga and was able to compete in the starting line-up. There have been a lot of things going on in our standing until today.”

“But from my point of view, I’d rather be a target spear than a flank attacker. I think that the quality you have can help the team more than if you were spearheading high.

“The right-hand forward is a position for the national team in the Copa America. It is not new or unusual for most people in Brazil. But in England they may not be following the national team as much.”

Incidentally, the big game against Chelsea this Saturday, Jesus was pushed back to the center spear, with Phil Foden and Jack Grealish flanking right-left respectively.