Exciting! Ratcliffe has a plan to grab the former director. 

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Exciting! Ratcliffe has a plan to grab the former director. Liverpool comes to work for Manchester United.

Revealing another plan of Sir Jim Ratcliffe in buying shares of Manchester United is to appoint a sports director. which he aimed at Michael Edwards, former director of Liverpool

Revealing another plan of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, owner of a leading energy company, Inios, who is in the process of buying a 25% minority stake in Manchester United, is to appoint a sports director to help with the work. Eric ten Hag, with his target set on a surprise name: former Liverpool director Michael Edwards.

Ratcliffe delays plans to take over Manchester United They are preparing to tender only 25% of the minority shares as the first step towards gaining a majority in the future.

That even though Ratcliffe came to Old Trafford as a small partner,

 But they expect to open negotiations with the Glazer family. To request authority for football administration to take care of himself

Recently, there was an additional report from ทางเข้า ufabet that if the purchase of said shares goes well, Ratcliffe wants Manchester United to have a new sporting director as soon as possible. After this matter has been a chronic issue for many years.

Ratcliffe already has a name in mind: Michael Edwards, the famous former Liverpool director who was instrumental in bringing many new players to Anfield during the period. past Before separating from the Reds team in mid-2022

After leaving Anfield, Edwards opened a football scouting and data analysis company. In the past few months But it is expected that he will be ready to return to work in the Premier League again if he is seriously approached by Manchester United.

Edwards’ name-making deals during his time with Liverpool include Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker, Andrew Roberts. Tason to Diogo Jota