Henderson during international game

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Henderson during international game.

Jordan Henderson has left Liverpool to play for Al-Ittifak in Saudi Arabia. This is an issue that led to him being boo by England fans in their win over Australia last week. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

Former England striker Alan Shearer has come to the defense of former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson. After he was booed by fans in last week’s win over Australia.

As for the reason why fans of the Three Lions expressed their dissatisfaction with Hendo, it was because he had expressed his support for gender diversity when he served as captain of the Reds team, but he was heavily criticized after deciding to move to play in Saudi Arabia, which is A country where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

Shearer has spoken out about the matter, saying that Henderson’s decision to move to the Middle East was not wrong and that the fans’ actions were too harsh.

“I think it’s very cruel. I think about 98-99 percent of the fans booed him. If he were to be in the same position as Henderson and receive 700,000 pounds per week. Will they deny that?”

“You can’t blame him. What he has done both on and off the field has made him a great captain for Liverpool. An incredible leader, he has taken Liverpool to heights the club has not experienced in a long time.”

“So I don’t agree with those criticisms. Because he can choose not to do these campaigns. But he still does it,” Shearer said.