Lautaro is annoyed that Alexis is breaking a dream.

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Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez has disappoint with his team’s hopes. After scoring a goal in the second half But shortly after he was fired.

Inter were in a position to reclaim two goals at Anfield in game two of the last 16. The Champions League and Lautaro sparked their hopes in the 61st minute. But two minutes later Alexis Sanchez was show a second yellow card. Expel from the field Almost immediately extinguish the dream of the team.

“We can do what we want. We show the character desire to qualify. And when we take the lead on a difficult pitch and full of enthusiasm.” “It’s a pity then we have to be left with 10 because these things can make a difference. We have to accept the UFABET consequences and try to move on.” “We’re out of the Champions League. But we’re left with the Coppa Italia, there’s still Serie A to do our best. Learn from these mistakes. And keep trying to improve yourself. ” Lautaro said.

      Lautaro Martinez first joined football at professional youth club level in 2013-2014 with the Lineners just a year ago. Subsequently with the Racing Club de Bellaneda. After just one year he moved up to play with the Racing Club de Bellaneda a club in Argentina. Then moved into professional football in the Italian league with the team. Inter Milan and is a club that is currently playing