Manchester United Diogo Dalot has described his experience at AC Milan

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Manchester United right-back Diogo Dalot has described his experience playing on loan at AC Milan last season as valuable. because it creates a new perception in the science of football. Including the culture off the field that is different from when I was in Manchester. ready to be crystallized.

Dalot, who was sent to polish up at San Siro for a year under head coach Stefano Pioli, has the opportunity to play in various positions at right-back, right-back or even left-back. 

Combined with his learned tactics, new language and diverse local culture. It was a rewarding 12 months for him to grow up and challenge for the starting XI at Old Trafford. 

Manchester United Diogo Dalot has described his experience at AC Milan

“I think last year was very important in terms of reinforcing confidence from the time it was sent in,” he told the official website. 

“Believe it or not, I was the only player whose name was available last season. And that’s my specialty for someone who hasn’t had that opportunity in the last two years.”

“In us we feel more powerful, fitter and more mature. Think that’s what I got back. and ready to show everyone what they can do.” 

“I’ve been in Italy for a year, so I really know a little bit about everything. It is not just different cultures or people. But it can learn all aspects of football science and off the pitch.”

“But if it’s just about football I have experienced a completely different way of playing between the English Premier League. The Italian Serie A is different styles of football and I have to adapt.

“I think I’ve gained a lot of disciplines that can help me succeed this season.”  

Incidentally, the overview of the new season, Dalot is still only a reserve Aaron Wan-Bissaka. A total of 143 minutes of kick-off time, started only once, the Carabao Cup, which lost 0-1 to West Ham, was eliminated.