Pauleta opened his mind that he did dream Cristiano Ronaldo is successful

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Pauleta, the legendary striker of Paris Saint-Germain and the Portuguese national team. He opened his mind that he did not dream of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo grow up on the football path successful and can stand this long Because if you go back 18 years ago, your personality is very inconsistent.

Pauleta took the time machine back to the Portuguese national team camp at ‘CR7’ when the 18-year-old was dry, raising, combing his hair and highlighting golden strands. That is a very disturbing memory. 

Pauleta opened his mind that he did dream Cristiano Ronaldo is successful

But the rainy season rising on the football path. Plus the most professionalism has proven itself that this junior star is real. 

“We have to be honest here first: if almost two decades ago someone said something like Ronaldo would have achieved everything he can now, I have to say that asshole lied. So messed up.” Opening the mouth via ‘ESPN Brazil’

“But we can see him as a star, a different player. and the average quality is higher than others of the same age. He’s a very ambitious, determined and self-assured player.”

“Because when an 18-year-old comes to the national team. That includes Deco, Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Pauleta, he needs something that makes a difference. Therefore, every success he achieved was thanks to his hard work. Because in reality, Ronaldo is a football phenomenon.” 

Pauleta was once known as the Portuguese national team’s top scorer. But this time, Ronaldo has already smashed the record.